Maurice Ritchie Piano Tuning

If you are looking for professional piano tuning with 30 years experience then you have come to the right place. I offer piano tuning services across the AucklandWaikato and the Bay of Plenty areas, with a long list of satisfied customers. You can also find the full range of services offered across these pages.

To get your piano tuned today and to start working with a professional piano tuner,  simply send me a message or call on: 021 371607. I always welcome new clients who want their piano cared for properly.

“Asked to attend to five pianos in Hamilton area. All completed in the day. Very well done and all really satisfied. Very professional and experienced. would not hesitate to call him again. Thanks from all of us.”


My Services

Piano Tuning

Professional piano tuning services from a piano tuner with decades of experience.

Piano Repair

Whatever the problem, we can bring your piano back to life and sounding great.

Presale Purchase Advice

You are welcome to contact me for any enquiries regarding the purchase of  your next piano.

Why me?

Because I believe that piano tuning is a real craft. Pianos are fine-tuned instruments that need a lot of care and attention, which is why you always want a friendly, professional taking care of your piano.

I have been working as a piano tuner for over thirty years now. Initially, I trained as a Piano Tuner and Technician at Newman’s Pianos, Timaru, in South Canterbury where I completed my apprenticeship all the way back in 1974.

Just because that was a long time ago, I haven’t stopped loving what I do. So it is a delight to be able to bring my clients pianos up to the best standard that is possible.

Hiring a professional and experienced Piano Tuner is always a good investment. Pianos not tuned and serviced regularly, require more work and expense to tune and restore to concert pitch. Which is why leaving a piano for too long can cause damage, meaning it will cost more to restabilize them and bring them to pitch.

That is why I have had regular clients for so long, as they understand that caring for a piano is worth their effort. After all, anyone that wants their piano to work the best it can, will make the effort.

If you are in need of my services get in contact today:

“Excellent service-very thorough and a reasonable price.”