Piano Tuning in Auckland

I provide piano tuning and other services in Auckland to an array of customers. With years of experience, I work across a wide area to ensure that my client’s pianos are tuned to the highest degree. And with 20 years experience as a piano tuner, you can be sure that your piano is in the best hands.

If you are in Auckland and need your piano tuned, then send me a message, or call on: 021 371 607.

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Piano tuning Auckland

Based in Te Puke, I have piano tuning clients across Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty. Many are regular customers who I have worked with for many years, ensuring that their piano is properly cared for.

Caring for pianos in Auckland is especially important, as the humidity can affect your piano. This means that if you live in a humid area like Auckland, your piano can lose its pitch sooner, and could need more care.

Humidity can also cause the keys to become stuck, and a host of other issues. In these cases, I generally recommend fitting a damp chaser to remedy these issues.

Piano tuning in Auckland like a pro

Why is it important to get your piano tuned?

There are many reasons why you should get your piano tuned regularly. For one, your piano is a prized possession, and many of my clients simply want to keep their piano at its best. This means that it needs the attention of a professional piano tuner.

There are other reasons why someone would need regular piano tuning Auckland though. As leaving your piano untuned can cause a host of issues. Pianos have a tremendous amount of tension, which puts huge pressure on sections of your piano. This then means that leaving your piano untuned could mean higher costs down the track to bring it back to pitch. Or even meaning it could need repairs.

How often should I hire a piano tuner?

Pianos should be tuned at least once a year. This will ensure that they not only sound great, but also that they are cared for and less likely to need repairs.

There are over  5000 parts to a piano , all of which need to be aligned and maintained. To leave your piano untuned can cause real damage in the long term, and higher costs later. Which is why I suggest that you use professional piano tuning in Auckland at least once a year.

How much does piano tuning cost?

My rates for piano tuning in Auckland are on a case by case basis, but I assure all my clients that I am one of the most reasonable piano tuners you can work with. I can confidently say this due to my 20+ years experience in working with pianos, reasonable rates, and dedication I take to caring for your piano.

If you need  piano tuning Auckland , then  send me a message , or call on: 021 371 607.

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