Piano Tuning

I offer professional Piano Tuning Services across Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty. With 20 years experience, and a host of satisfied customers, your piano could not be in better hands.

If you are looking for piano tuning services then just send me a message, or give me a call on: 021 371 607. I am always available with help and advice.

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Why do you need piano tuning?

Well, to start, piano tuning is important to make sure that your piano is working to its best and that it is cared for. I have found over my years of experience that my clients pianos are their prized possessions.

Within your piano there are more than 200 tightly wound springs. This exerts an astounding 40,000 pounds of pressure and tension on the top plate and the frame, as well as carrying that pressure in the strings themselves.

Pianos are very highly sensitive instruments, that need piano tuning at least once a year.

Why does my piano go out of tune?

There are many factors that cause a piano to go out of tune. For one there are atmospheric pressure, humidity, and how hard the piano is played. Where you live can have a huge impact on how quickly your piano will go out of tune, as well as the way it is played. Which is why it needs professional piano tuning.

If you have high pressure, then your piano needs tuning more than once a year though, this could well be because it is need of repair. Humidity can be a real problem for pianos, as this can cause both the keys and hammers to get quite sticky – and need repairing. There are solutions to this though, and a damp chaser can be fitted to help maintain the piano.

piano tuning done right

Can not getting my piano tuned cause damage?

Yes. If you do not get professional piano tuning at fairly regular intervals, you will face higher costs stabilizing the tuning and bringing it back to pitch. Plus there is more chance that different parts of the piano will need replacing if it has been left too long.

If you have a piano that has not had piano tuning for sometime, I am more than happy to attend repairs or give advice on a case by case basis. You just need to get in touch and have a chat and we can see what can be done.

Can I tune my piano myself?

This I would highly recommend against it. Your piano has over 5000 parts, all of which need to be maintained and adjusted. Wear and maintenance of these parts are crucial to keeping your piano at its proper pitch. This requires years of training .

Professional Piano Tuning

If you need professional piano tuning and are based in Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty, then do please get in touch. I am more than happy to help. Or you can learn more about my other services here.

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