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If you need piano tuning Bay of Plenty then you have come to the right place. I come with over  20 years experience, a very long list of satisfied and regular clients, and can safely say that your piano is in great hands.


My customers who need piano tuning Bay of Plenty know that they need a professional who takes pride in their work. So if you need a piano tuner,  send me a message or give me a call on: 021 371607.


Professional Piano Tuner at work for Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Waikato Areas


    Should I get my piano tuned often?


Absolutely! Your piano is a prized possession, and keeping your piano at concert pitch with professional piano tuning is a normal part of owning a piano. I have found that my clients love their piano, and as such, they ensure that their piano is tuned at least once a year on average.


However, there are also many other reasons to get your piano tuned. Pianos are more than just precision instruments, but also very intricate. There are over five thousand parts to your piano and a whole lot of tension. This means that if your piano is not serviced, over time this can cause damage mean parts could need repair and that this will cost more in the future.


Can I just tune my piano myself?


You can try, but it is not recommended. Piano tuners like myself trained hard to gain the skills and understanding that is needed to ensure that we can do our jobs well. It is a craft and one that is not easily learned overnight. This is why you should always hire a professional piano tuner. Plus there is always the fear that you may cause damage that will cost more in the long run.


To understand more about how complicated pianos are and how difficult it can be to tune them just look at this. It really displays how hard it can be.


What areas do you cover?


I work across as a piano tuner across the Bay of Plenty, Auckland and Waikato. Many of my clients have used my services for years, so I have never had a problem coming to them when they need their pianos tuned.


However, I am always available for callouts in emergency situations when needed. If you feel that your piano needs some attention quickly, just get in touch and I will see what I can do for you. I always try to make myself available for a piano in need.


How do I get piano tuning in the Bay of Plenty?


Simple! I am always available to new clients who need piano tuning Bay of Plenty. So if you would like to use my services, just send me a message, or call me today on: 021 371607.



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